Michael Golburgh, JD, LLM (tax)

trusted advisor to small business

owners and operators

Practice Area

Offices in Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland
Tel. 410-318-8844


The highly skilled professionals at the Law Office of Michael Golburgh act as Litigation Counsel to Owners and Operators of Small Businesses in Maryland.

When you have an issue connected to your business that gives you a feeling of concern, call the Law Office of Michael Golburgh.  It's that simple. 



​​Examples of Legal Issues Include:

    -- Payroll Taxation Issues;

    -- Non-Disclosure Agreements;

    -- Non-Compete Agreements;

    -- Non-Solicitation Agreements;

    -- Business Dissolution;

    -- Divorce Actions and Business Operations;

    -- Arbitration,  Mediation;

    -- Insurance Coverage Issues;

    -- Regulatory Compliance;

    -- Licensing Issues;

    -- Investigations;

    -- Contract Issues / Enforcement;

    -- Breach of Contract Remedies;

    -- Enforcement of Judgment;

    -- Intellectual Property Claims;

    -- General Business Litigation;

    -- Debt Collection​​ and Creditors Rights